Episode 90: SPECIAL REPORT: Bethesda Software E3 Presentation: Fallout 4


It's Christmas in June!  E3 just went down, and Bethesda Games was there to give their first ever presentation.  Of most interest to us here at Post-Apodaclypse, of course, is the big news on the forthcoming release of Fallout 4.  And the news did not disappoint.  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell to drool over all the delicious details.


Episode 89: The Last Season Finale On Earth (Last Man on Earth S1 Eps 11-13)


What will happen with Phil's neighbors?  And his nemesis?  And his balls?  Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell tell you all about what went down in the final three episodes of the first season of The Last Man on Earth, as well as talk more about Fury Road and chat some Fallout 4.  All this and more on the newest edition of Post-Apodaclypse.  


Episode 85: Unmanned (Y: The Last Man Vol 1)


Taking the phrase "last man standing" to a really literal level, Vertigo Comics' Y: The Last Man takes us to a world where every male (human and mammal) on Earth has mysteriously and instantly died.  Except for one man.  And his monkey.  Join Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell as they dive into the first volume of this heralded comic series on this episode of Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 84: The Last Man on Earth (No, the Other One) (S1 Eps1-4)


Post-apocalyptic television can often be depressing and dark and bloody (which is one of the reasons we like it, but still...).  Who says it can't be funny?  Will Forte has brought our favorite genre to a hi-larious new comedy on Fox called The Last Man on Earth.  Join us to talk about how the first handful of episodes is going, courtesy of hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell on the latest Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 81: The 100 (S2 Eps 9-12)


Sky People!  Grounders!  Mountain Men!  The march toward war continues as the second half of The 100's second season continues to raise the stakes and rock the irradiated Earth.  Come along as hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell lead you through on this edition of Post-Apodaclypse


Episode 79: O Say Can You Z (Z Nation S1 Eps 5-8)


Hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell are back to continue the journey through the first season of SyFy's Z Nation.  Episodes 5-8 are covered on this edition of Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 76: Walking in a Grounder Wonderland (The 100 S2 Eps 4-8)


Happy Holidays from your pals at Post-Apodaclypse!  Let hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell fill your brains with all the happenings leading up to the mid-season finale of the CW's The 100, as well as talky stuff about the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer and the beginnings of the cyber apocalypse.  Listen while you can!


Episode 74: Thanksgiving Double Feature (The Last Man, Carriers)


This holiday week, your friends at Post-Apodaclypse (that being hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell) bring you double the movie review goodness.  This episode we'll be talking about the 2000 film The Last Man (featuring Jeri Ryan), and 2009's Carriers (featuring Chris Pine).  Both will make you thankful that you're on this side of the apocalypse.


Episode 71: To the Moon (Falling Skies S4 Eps8-12)


It's the final four episodes of the fourth season of TNT's Falling Skies, and we're going to the Moon!  Or are we?  All your questions will be answered as the Masons and pals try to stop the Espheni offense at its lunar source, and as Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell talk you through.  Let's light this candle, Houston!


Episode 70: Walk On (The Walking Dead S5 Eps1-2)


The dead have returned!  The Walking Dead is back for its 5th season.  Is it better than ever?  You'll have to tune in and hear hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell answer that for you on this edition of Post-Apodaclypse.  


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