Episode 40: (The British) Survivors


No, it's not the 80s Robin Williams/Water Matthau film.  No, it's not the band.  This is Survivors, the 2008 BBC series about the end of (most of) the world by the mother of all viruses.  When the "European flu" kills off 90% of the global population, how will those that remain survive, and how will society rebuild itself?  Follow a group of Britain's few remaining souls as they attempt to answer these questions, and listen as Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell walk you through the first two episodes of season 1.


Episode 39: Nut up or shut up (Zombieland)


In 2009, when America's zombie obsession was just about to explode, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone helped light the fuse with the high-octane, big laugh, over-the-top film Zombieland.  Join Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell for a walk (or a shamble) through this tale of brotherhood, survival...and Twinkies.


Episode 29: PostApoc.Net


Post-Apodaclypse is a member of a site called PostApoc.net, which is a repository for links to post-apocalyptic content.  There's piles of stuff to explore, from films to online fiction to gaming to comics to podcasts to real life preppery to products and more.  There's message boards.  There's live chats.  There's reviews.  There's everything!  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell for an audio tour through some of this material and discussion on a few highlights.


Episode 27: Cinema Crapfest - Gangland and Dream Warrior


It's time once again for Post-Apodaclypse to shine its light on post-apocalyptic films that are...well...crappy.  On this edition, hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell will take a painful look at the 2001 post-nuke/pandemic/kung fu flick called Gangland, which (kind of) stars Ice T and Coolio, and the 2003 film called Dream Warrior, in which Lance Henrickson and the guy from TV's Beastmaster face off in a post-meteoric future where people have started to gain special abilities, and are therefore feared and hunted for it.   The boys watch these films so you don't have to, so 1) you're welcome, and 2) tune in and join the fun!


Episode 19: Those Funky (12) Monkeys


You like post-apocalyptic settings?  You like time travel?  You like seeing Bruce Willis' ass a whole lot?  Well, we have got the movie for you.  Join Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell as they break down the 1995 Terry Gilliam classic 12 Monkeys, where Bruce is sent back in time to unravel the secret of the plague that eliminated 99% of humanity.  Also, the PA guys talk about the happenings on this year's Academy Awards.


Episode 17: Escape from Scotland (Doomsday)


In the not-too-far future, a plague strikes Scotland, killing without mercy, and England chooses to stop the spread of it by walling off Scotland and letting them all die.  Years later, with England cut off from the rest of the world due to their actions, the plague is found again.  Now one (hot) woman, an escaped orphan of Scotland and a cop, is sent back into her birth land with a team to find a cure.  And what they find is plenty of still-living Scots, now broken up into gangs, some of whom are a little sweet on the taste of other humans.  In this very grindhouse-y and highly entertaining action film, bits and pieces of all manner of post-apoc classics--from Escape from New York to Road Warrior to 28 Days Later--are woven together to create a nitro-burning, sword-fighting, rock-and-rolling ride called Doomsday.  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell as they break it down for you in this latest edition of Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 6: Take “The Stand”


In 1978, Stephen King wrote a monster novel--called The Stand--about the end of the world by pandemic and all the the theological hoo-ha that came after, and it rides high on many people's lists of favorite novels of all time.  In 1990, it became even more monster when he released the complete and uncut version of the book, which ended up at almost 1200 pages.  In 1994, ABC adapted it in an 8-hour miniseries penned by King himself.  This episode, Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell discuss both the book and the TV adaptation, and whether one or the other either rocks or sucks.


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