Episode 73: Flesh - It’s Not Just For Walkers Anymore! (Walking Dead S5 Eps 3-6)


Cannibals!  Mullets!  Bad cops!  Voyeurism!  Episodes 3-6 of the new season of the Walking Dead has it all!  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell for the as always disgusting fun in this episode of Post-Apodacylpse.


Episode 72: All About the Benjamin (The 100 S2 Eps1-3)


The 100 (again, we remind you, spelled "The 100" but pronounced "The Hundred") is back with a whole new season of post-nuclear teen angst and decapitations for your viewing pleasure.  Let hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell serve the first three episodes of season 2 to you on a plate on this edition of Post-Apodaclypse.   


Episode 69: Shippin’ Out (The Last Ship S1 Eps8-10)


The Last Ship, TNT's post-apocalyptic actioner, has made it through its first season, and another begins filming soon.  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell for an overview of the final three episodes of this year on this latest installment of Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 68: Defiance to the End (Defiance S2 eps 9-13)


The second season of the SyFy series Defiance is now historical, and your Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell are here to walk you through the final five episodes.  Will the Earth survive?  Could the Mayor possibly be ANY more stalkery?  Will Stahma ever tell the truth to anyone anywhere EVER?  Jump in and find out.


Episode 67: The Skies is Falling (Falling Skies S4 Eps5-8)


The boys (hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell) are back to talk about four more episodes of TNT's alien invasiony series Falling Skies.  There's mechs and aliens and drama and explodery galore on this episode of Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 66: The Last Ship (S1 Eps5-7)


Our favorite post-apocalyptic sailors are back in the middle part of season 1 of TNT's The Last Ship.  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell to find out what's afloat on this latest episode of Post-Apodaclypse.  


Episode 63: Cinema Crapfest - Battlefield Earth and Zombie Night


It's another exciting installment of Post-Apodaclypse's Cinema Crapfest, where hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell watch really terrible movies so you don't have to.  This time, the guys jump on one of the most hated post-apocalyptic films of all time, John Travolta's labor of love, Battlefield Earth.  And then it's a trip down zombie lane in a more recent film...and yet, one with not very recent actors.  Anthony Michael Hall, Daryl Hannah and Shirley Jones must fight to survive a one-night undead invasion in Zombie Night.  Strap in and get ready for the festival of crappiness!


Episode 62: Comic-Con 2014


It's the greatest week of the year!  It's Comic-Con in San Diego!  Post-Apodaclypse's own Tim Watts made the journey to the big event.  Tune in this week for his insights on all the stuff that went down on our favorite post-apocalyptic shows' panels, revel in lots of Comic-Con memories, and hear his exclusive interview with Adam Baldwin about his show, The Last Ship.  Join Tim and co-host Michael O'Connell for all things Con!


Episode 59: She Blinded Me with Defiance (Defiance S2E1,2,3,4)


It's a TV show!  It's an online game!  It's probably a lunch box!  And it's back!  Season 2 of SyFy's post-apocalyptic alien extravaganza Defiance has returned to invade our summer.  Hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell rap about the first four episodes, right here on Post-Apodaclypse.  


Episode 29: PostApoc.Net


Post-Apodaclypse is a member of a site called PostApoc.net, which is a repository for links to post-apocalyptic content.  There's piles of stuff to explore, from films to online fiction to gaming to comics to podcasts to real life preppery to products and more.  There's message boards.  There's live chats.  There's reviews.  There's everything!  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell for an audio tour through some of this material and discussion on a few highlights.


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