Episode 102: Batter Up! (The Walking Dead S6 Eps 9-16)


Walking Dead fans knew this day would come, the day that Negan finally walked into the television version of this great zombie-fied world we love.  And Hell, it seemed, was coming with him.  Join Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell as they talk about the last half of season 6 and the season finale that made a lot of fans yell a lot of bad words.


Episode 92: SPECIAL REPORT - Post-Apodaclypse Coverage from Comic-Con This Week


This short special report gives you the details of the forthcoming live coverage from Comic-Con International in San Diego this week.  Co-host Tim Watts will be on site starting Wednesday, doing live Periscope videos, live-Tweeting from panels, uploading photos to the Post-Apodaclypse Facebook page, and more! Get ready to live the greatest circus on Earth through Post-Apodaclypse's eyes!


Episode 79: O Say Can You Z (Z Nation S1 Eps 5-8)


Hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell are back to continue the journey through the first season of SyFy's Z Nation.  Episodes 5-8 are covered on this edition of Post-Apodaclypse.


Episode 78: Gimme a Z! (Z Nation S1 Eps 1-4)


Too many zombies?  No such thing!  Your pals at Post-Apodaclypse (hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell) take a bite out of Syfy's zombie series Z Nation.  Grab a stake and join the fun!


Episode 70: Walk On (The Walking Dead S5 Eps1-2)


The dead have returned!  The Walking Dead is back for its 5th season.  Is it better than ever?  You'll have to tune in and hear hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell answer that for you on this edition of Post-Apodaclypse.  


Episode 55: Dead (The Walking and Back From The)


After a LONG hiatus, Post-Apodaclypse returns!  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell, along with guest Vladimir Zeravica, to discuss the end of season 4 of The Walking Dead and all the nearly tragic details of the podcast's hibernation.  The boys are back!


Episode 51: Dead Men Walkin’


The new season of AMC's The Walking Dead continues and Post-Apodaclypse is there to talk about it.  There are shocks.  There are revelations.  There is action.  There is heartbreak.  And there's a seemingly endless store of awesome zombie kills.  Join hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell for a review of episodes two through five ("Infected", "Isolation", "Indifference" and "Internment").  Get your Dead on!


Episode 48: Rise of the Walking Dead (season 4)


When does six months feel like a lifetime?  1) When you're in prison and you're just a bit too pretty, 2) when you're waiting for the Walking Dead to begin again on AMC.  The wait is over, and hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell "walk" you through the first episode of season four.  The drama and the decay are back, and it's all right here on Post-Apodaclypse.  


Episode 45: Zombie Apocalypse (no, the other one…)


Yes, Post-Apodaclypse did already review a (crappy) film called Zombie Apocalypse.  This episode is not about that.  This is about the Discovery Channel's docu-special of the same name.  It focuses on preppers who actually believe the zombie apocalypse is going to happen.  Check out who these folks are and how they plan to survive the undead hordes as hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell talk about this and other prepper-related realities. 


Episode 42: Kindle-Rama: The Remaining


Post-Apodaclypse hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell are ready to take you on another journey of downloadable literary adventure in the latest installment of Kindle-Rama, where they review post-apocalyptic books that you can download to your Kindle (or Kindle app) and discover.  This time around, the boys review the internet-driven sensation called The Remaining by author D.J. Molles.  In an America overrun by bacteria-created rage zombies, one military man must rise from his bunker and carry out his mission - to find survivors, rebuild society, and somehow stay alive long enough to do both.


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