Episode 15: Webisodic: Electric City and Fallout - Nuka Break


There once was a time when the only place you could find filmed post-apocalyptic tales was in theaters or on TV.   Silly past!  Here in the future, we now have the option to check out web series programming right on the internet!  On the last episode of Post-Apodaclypse we covered Bryan Singer's "H+".  This week, hosts Tim Watts and Michael O'Connell, along with returning guest Vlado Zeravica, point and click their way through the Tom Hanks-created animated web series "Electric City", as well as the fan-film-turned-web-series "Fallout: Nuka Break", a much-loved independent creation set in the world of the Fallout games.  Celebrate the marvels of the modern entertainment age with us!